Vera Wang: From Figure Skater to Fashion Goddess

A wedding is always a valid reason to splurge since every bride would always want to look radiantly beautiful as she walks down the aisle. Of course, every fine detail of the brides wedding gown would not escape the shrewd eyes of other women who look forward to this event with eager anticipation. However, if you are dead set on getting the best wedding gown that money can afford, then one can never find fault with the Vera Wang wedding gowns that are among the most sought after labels in the bridal fashion.

Vera Wang came from an affluent Chinese-American family and was a product of The Chapin School and even attended training in Sorbonne in Paris. In college, she graduated with a degree in art history at Sarah Lawrence School. At an early age, she was already exposed to the world of fashion since her mother frequently brought her along when attending fashion shows in Paris. As a child, Vera Wang was a serious figure skater with such exceptional skills that brought her to complete on the national level. Unfortunately, she wasnt able make in it to the US Olympic team. This was such a huge blow on young Vera that she forced to channel her frustration by focusing on her other passion fashion.

Wang spent sixteen years as a senior fashion editor for Vogue fashion magazine. However, she left the the magazine after she was not given the editor in chief post and promptly joined Ralph Lauren for two years as a design director. In 1990, she decided to open her own fashion house in Carlyle Hotel, which naturally featured by trademark product the Vera Wang wedding dresses. She also featured designs for professional figure skaters, who included clients such Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. However, her accomplishments were more remarkably noted with her Vera Wang women’s gown designs that seem to be one of the favorites among famous Hollywood celebrities. In fact, Very Wang made wedding dresses for Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Garner, Uma Thurman, and Victoria Beckham. The stars apparent partiality the Very Wang Women’s collection further generated more interest and appeal among consumer markets that also share a keen eye for detail and elegant style.

Enjoying such phenomenal success, Wang further expanded her product line of the Vera Wang Women to include other luxury items that included jewelries, shoes, fragrances and some house ware collections. He went on to enjoy equal success that can only extended his fashion prowess not just in the United States but also in Europe and Asia.

Why I Love Vera Wang

Not one to simply rest on her laurels, Vera Wang expanded her products brand name and moved on to conquer the world of home fashion. The very Wang collection of china and crystals offers eye-catching styles and patterns with materials that can easily withstand the brunt of daily usage. All the pieces reflects Wangs individualistic touch and expert design sensibilities, which naturally hailed her products to be among the top 10 best sellers at bridal registries all over United States in barely six months from its release.

Last 2006, a major department store Kohl, has announced that they would be carrying clothing and handbags by Vera Wang under the brand, Simply Vera¬Ě. This collection of premium fashion and lifestyle products have hit the stores on Fall of 2007. After that I was instantly hooked to Vera Wang and have never looked back since. She has truly delivered very high quality and creative designs that scream out “I gotta to have that!”.

So if you are currently planning that dream wedding of yours, you just might want to indulge on one of the highly coveted Vera Wang wedding gowns that would certainly mark the important event in your life. If you have a penchant for designer products to adorn your home then its about time you look into what the Vera Wang home collection has in store for you. You might just find that perfect piece for you home. Enjoy this video of Vera Wang and you will see why she is just so likeable and humble.