Thigh High Boots: Styles And How To Wear Them

Nothing charms like thigh high boots. Thigh high boots are a must-have for every shoe wardrobe. With the thigh high boots being wildly popular with women of all ages, they are bound to be the top fashion trend in winter 2016. We have compiled for you the complete guide about thigh high boots so that you can wear thigh boots to any occasion to make the heads turn effortlessly.

How to Wear Thigh High Boots

Though there are many ways of wearing thigh high boots but the most popular one is to wear them with skirts or miniskirts. You can also don them with denims and jeans. While wearing thigh high boots with denims, the most important thing to remember is to choose the denim that is a shade lighter than the boots so that the boots don’t get overshadowed. Pair up the denim with a printed or a plain blouse or shirt.
long coat

You can also try wearing your thigh high boots with shorts and a blazer. Thigh high boots are ideal to be worn with skinny jeans and pairing it up with a long coat can give a distant edge to your look. Another way of styling up with high boots is to couple them with a sweater dress and a muffler. Turtle necked sweaters and thigh highs are a perfect match.

It goes without saying that a kimono-style top and jeans look absolutely stunning with thigh high boots. In addition, it would not be wrong to say that thigh high boots go really well with knee length or even shorter dresses and a silk scarf.

One of the ideal ways to hit the streets is to wear thigh high boots with a blue denim, plain T-shirt, leather jacket and a silk stole. There are numerous ways to carry thigh high boots, which means that they can be worn with almost any dress in your closet.

Thigh High Boots Styles

The following are some of the most popular types of thigh high boots. You can find them at retailers like urbanog, or your any other department store out there.

thigh high bootsPeep Toe Thigh High Boots: Nothing can give you a more sophisticated look than peep toe thigh high boots. These boots are not only comfortable but also killer for photos and selfies.

Lace Up Thigh High Boots: Lace up thigh high boots can give your look a new life with their brilliant style. These boots are quite easy to use and extremely comfortable. They have been spotted on the runways of Paris, New York and London fashion week.

Thigh High Boots with Buckles: The best thing about thigh high boots with buckles is that the buckle helps tighten the boot which means it can fit even the skinniest of the calves.

Block Heeled Thigh High Boots: These block heeled thigh high boots are made for block heel lovers. These boots are also very affordable so that anyone can buy them without disrupting the monthly budget.

Fringed Thigh High Boots: If you are looking for something different, try the new fringed thigh high boots which look truly fantastic and are perfect for winter 16.

Follow the guide above to style up with thigh high boots to add an alluring touch to your attire. These thigh high boots are so elegant and chic, they can walk right off the display shelves into your shoes closet to make you winter 16 all the more stylish and fun.