The Oscar De La Renta Line: Dominican Republic’s High Fashion Genius

Oscar de la Renta is one of the highly acclaimed fashion designers in the industry and has continued take the fashion world by storm for more than four colorful decades. He started his road to success as a young boy of 18 when he left his native land Dominican Republic to study painting in Madrid at Academy of San Fernando. While he was in Spain, his natural flair for sketching led him right into the world of fashion design. This exposure further directed him to meet his mentor, no less than the legendary Cristobal Balenciaga, Spains most influential and highly celebrated couturier of all time, who later took him in as an apprentice.

After several years under Balenciaga tutelage, de la Renta left in order to join Antonio Castillo as a design assistant in Paris at the House of Lanvin. Straight from Paris, he later moved to New York in 1963 to be the creative designer for Elizabeth Arden. However, he was at the crossroads when he was also offered to design for another equally prestigious fashion house, Christian Dior for their New York fashion house. At a loss on what career move to pursue, he ended up seeking the advise of Vogue magazines editor in chief at that time Diana Vreeland, where he reportedly divulged he wanted to launch his very own line since its where the money is. Vreeland advised him to stick with his post at Elizabeth Arden where he can easily establish his reputation. He worked for the said fashion house for two years before he began to launch his very own designer label in 1965 the Oscar de la Renta women’s collection.

What De La Renta is Known For: The Dresses

The Oscar de la Renta dresses can be best described as over the top and intricately elaborate creations that generated quite a stir from all corners of the fashion industry. He was one of the few fashion designers who dared feature highly extravagant fabrics, complex detailing and impeccable workmanship that make it difficult not to notice right away. Truth be known, Oscar de la Renta have become a dominant force all throughout the 20th and 21st century, offering his Oscar de la Renta women’s collection that features a profusion of frills, tassels and twills. Of course, it is quite understandable that this showmanship has attracted many a lot of Hollywood celebrities and prominent personalities to don on of Oscar de la Renta women’s gown collection that never fails to make heads turn and draw admiring gasps. Most of the designers gowns have effortlessly framed the bodies of famous celebrities that showcased the female physique into perfection, featuring cuts and styles that hug the body perfectly in the right places. Among the loyal clients of de la Renta gowns are Penelope Cruz and Halle Berry, both are famous not just on their acting prowess but also for their flawless sense of style.

In order to complement his apparel collection for women, the designer also launched his accessory line in 2001 featuring bags, shoes and belts., jewelries. However, what really gathered another group of loyal patron is the Oscar de la Renta lingerie collection that seems to fully show off and silhouette the female curves at the same time provide comfort and durability of materials for everyday wear.

While these clothing pieces usually come with exorbitant price tags, it’s a comforting thought to know that you are not only paying extra for the designer name but most importantly the workmanship that goes along in the creation of each pieces. The gowns generally cost around $ 2, 400 or more but it definitely makes a wonderful investment for every woman to have. So treat yourself to one of the stunning pieces of Oscar de la Renta gown and enjoy the admiring stares every time you wear it.


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE Oscar de la Renta…. not just because he is such a handsome and immaculate gentleman but because of those amazing gowns!!He and Elie Saab are my absolute dream designers, I always love each of their collections….always elegant, beautiful and so feminine.I cannot pick a favourite from the dresses you have featured, all stunning!

  2. Great line, and great review of it.

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