Mexx Fashion Line: The Netherland’s Saving Grace

mexxThe Dutch may not rank high in the fashion hierarchy in close comparison to French and Italian couturiers, but they certainly have something to brag about with their very own brand – Mexx. This is yet another designer label that has rapidly conquered the fashion market by providing a whole new approach in casual clothing.

Founded in 1970 by Rattan Chadha, who was a clothing supplier for major department stores. At that time he had to existing fashion labels that were also creating quite a stir in the European market the Moustache, which is a clothing line exclusively for men and Emmanuelle┬Ł, a label catering solely to women. To generate more impact in the fashion scene, Chadha decided to merge the two brands unto one single entity the result? Mexx. The M stands for Moustache and E for Emmanuelle and the XX actually a short abbreviation that literally means kiss kiss.

Mexx clothing can be best described as optimistic, fun, nonconformist and inspiring. The company offers and extensive array of apparels and accessories for men, women and children as well. Their meteoric expansion in the global market scene is largely dependent on their three major distribution systems, which includes retail, wholesale and home shopping. Since the birth of the Mexx brand in 1986, it has gained phenomenal popularity in Europe, Middle East, Canada, Asia and most importantly in the United States. In 2006, the company made a bold move by being under the exclusive Liz Claiborne Incorporated label with its highly impressive portfolio of 44 multi-million brands for apparels, fragrances and accessories. Like all other brands acquired under the Claiborne label, Mexx is able to retain its positive vibe, free spirited designs and spontaneous clothing designs for its line of Mexx women, men and children apparel. This clearly means, you can still look forward to the very same fun and optimistic creations that you have come to expect and love from the company’s products.

For a Dutch brand, and all other relatively new aspiring companies, this is definitely no mean feat considering the fact that consumers nowadays have grown more discerning and fickle. So whats their secret? All Mexx clothes offer that contemporary look that keeps apace with the current trends and sold at reasonable prices that definitely makes it stand out above the rest of the high-end designer labels out there.

A Diverse Fashion Portfolio

The Mexx womens and mens collection are created by a exceptionally talented team of more than 50 designers of 10 diverse nationalities, so you can just imagination the wonderful blending of creative ideas that are further enhanced with the different cultural backgrounds. Collectively, these designers create 12 collections annually for the Mexx women, men and children collections. Today, the brand offers a whole new collection of preppy labels with a wide array of high-end shirts, skirts, sweaters and dress pants, just to name a few. What sets this current design apart from the rest is the intricate detailing in most of their new products. Consumers as treated with the whole new concept of combining simple cuts and lines with beautiful detailing that make every single pair a standout.

Considering the fact that the Mexx brand is relatively new entry in the American market, it is quite impressive to note that there are more than a handful of celebrities seen wearing the brands products, such as the Hollywood superstars Minnie Driver and Kate Winslet. Of course, this easy acceptance is largely due to the fact that Mexx is also enjoying popularity in the rest of the world, including my home country of England, and its a refreshing approach to casual clothing. Although you might of not So if you want to sample a whole new range of chic European clothing that exudes optimism and spontaneity, then Mexx is the brand for you.


  1. A gem in the fashion industry. I am surprised when I ask women if they heard of Mexx, they look at me dumbfounded, like “Whats a Mexx?” Haha glad you wrote this

  2. I love this and it is my favorite fashion line here in Amsterdam!

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