A Walk Through Italy’s Fashion with Salvatore Ferragamo

Through the years, Italian fashion designers have always enjoyed supremacy and dominance in the world of fashion. This is primarily due to the fact that most of the legendary and highly celebrated fashion icons in the history had shared the same artistic lineage of having that Italian blood and the cultural background the practically breathes and lives on haute couture.

Since Italians have always displayed a keen eye for details and a natural flair for style, it is inevitable that the have built billion-dollar designer labels and fashion empires that have continued to command respect and even reverence in the industry. In the 20th century, another Italian name stands out from the rest, offering stunning pieces of luxury footwear that delighted and thrilled even the discerning tastes of the Hollywoods glitterati Salvatore Ferragamo. With the meteoric success of the original line Salvatore Ferragamo womens collection, it has grown to be one of the globally known brands catering to every whims and fancy of the affluent and prominent members of the society since 1927 up until today. The Salvatore Ferragamo womens line offers a wide range of products from handbags, scarves, ready to wear, fragrances and eyewear collections that continue to be among the highly coveted fashion paraphernalia of every woman today. With this unprecedented success, the Italian fashion empire currently has an impressive 450 distribution channels along with a string of Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques in more 55 countries.

But lets get to know more the creative genius behind the phenomenal success of this Italian label. Salvatore Ferragamo traces its rich Italian heritage in Naples, Italy as the 11th member among the brood of 14. He made his very first of shoes at such a young age of nine for his sister. This is perhaps what can be considered the very first and original line of Salvatore Ferragamo womens footwear collection and where he first decided that he has truly found his calling his passion for shoes. Since then he actively pursued his dream and had no qualms of trying on different stints that allowed him to gain more knowledge the art of shoe making. His dreams took him as far as the United States and back to Italy in his pursuit to study the anatomy of the female shoes. This remarkable diligence and dedication I honing his craft eventually earned him the reputation as the Shoemaker of the Stars.

From Shoe Maker to a Beacon of High Fashion

Widely recognized as a true visionary and an artist well ahead of his time, his creations range from the strikingly peculiar to the traditionally elegant pieces. Having carved his name in the fashion hierarchy, he proceeded to create other luxury items primarily made of leather and soon moved into manufacturing and marketing a full range of luxury line for both men and women. Like all other Italian companies, the children ascended and took over the helm at the death of the legendary artist that has significantly contributed to the evolution of shoes.

Today, the designers legacy lives on as easily seen in the collections presented season after season. Among the most have designer product in the latest ready tow ear collections are the Salvatore Ferragamo coats that features a rather elusive combination of suede and lined that makes it an ideal piece in every womans wardrobe.

If you are quite hesitant to invest in one original Salvatore Ferragamo piece, then be assured that clothes and shoes are carefully priced according to the quality of the product. In general, the average cost of the products would be more than a couple hundred dollars, depending on the particular style and intricacy that goes into the creation of each piece. So of you want to enjoy luxury and quality at its best, then a Salvatore Ferragamo product is set to exceed you every expectation. I have a few pieces in of Ferragamo that I use for special occasions and I am always telling myself that I need more.